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Exciting Multi-Media, Live-Narration Programs by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg.

Each program is 30-40 minutes long, with time for a question-and-answer period afterwards. Schedule a Great Lakes Shipwrecks Program Today!

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Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay


Enjoy these dramatic, true stories of the most famous shipwrecks in Canada's Georgian Bay: an update on the search for the fabled Griffon, including the authors' participation in the quest for this wreck with Josh Gates for the "Expedition Unknown" TV series; the amazing story of a small schooner that has become the most in-demand shipwreck in the world; the historic vessel that has the reputation of being the most scuba-dangerous shipwreck in all of the Great Lakes; details of the first dive to the J. H. Jones, a coastal steamer tragically lost with all hands in late 1906, and found in 2018 by the same team that located the Manasoo (next); the 2018 discovery of the steamer, Manasoo, a story which went "worldwide viral": due to the wreck's unique characteristics, such as  an intact pilot house and a 1927 automobile!  Plus much more! Based on Cris and Joan's  book of the same title.

The Wreck of the GRIFFON,

The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes


In the year 1679, the first ship to sail on the upper Great Lakes disappeared with its entire crew and valuable cargo of furs while returning from Green Bay. Built by the explorer, La Salle, near Niagara Falls, its loss nearly ruined him. To this day, more than 340 years later, the wreck of the Griffon has not definitively been found. It has become the most hunted -- and the most "found" -- shipwreck in Great Lakes history! This program relates the fascinating story of the Griffon: its background, construction, voyage, and mysterious loss, theories behind its disappearance, stories of the many (at least 22!) claims of discovery made to date (none yet proven), the exciting possibility of recent discoveries, and where the wreck, if it has not been found yet, is likely located.  Based on Cris and Joan's book of the same title.

Shipwreck Tales of Chicago


Chicago, the largest city on the Great Lakes, owes its existence to ships and sailors. The city's massive maritime history includes several hundred shipwrecks, such as the David Dows (the largest sailing vessel ever built on the Great Lakes), Chicago's famous, tragic Christmas Tree Ship lost in 1912, a German World War One U-boat sunk in deep water off Chicago, the speakeasy ship named the Rotarian (scuttled off Chicago in 1931 during Prohibition), the Great Lakes' two worst maritime disasters (the 1860 Lady Elgin and the 1915 Eastland, each with several hundred lives lost), and three ships purposely sunk off Chicago in recent years to create new scuba dive sites (the Holly barge, The Straits of Mackinac, and the Buccaneer), plus others!

Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes

These are the most unusual and dramatic stories of Great Lakes shipwrecks that we have ever researched, gripping tales tinged with murder, mystery, deception, and more than the usual amount of shipwreck mayhem, plus exceptional underwater photography! Tales include that of the fabled Griffon, lost with all hands on her maiden voyage in 1679, and the many modern attempts to locate that shipwreck; the Canadian captain who murdered his crew and sank his ship; the shipwreck which helped build Chicago; the Great Lakes captain who kept his shipwreck survival a secret; the world-infamous Australian convict ship sunk in Lake Erie; plus much more! Based on Cris Kohl's  book of the same title.


Shipwrecks at Death's Door


The concepts of "shipwrecks" and "death" go hand-in-hand, even more dramatically so when they occurred at a place called Death's Door, the most treacherous passageway between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. Find out about the schooners E. R. Williams and Fleetwing, and the notorious Pilot Island shipwrecks. Thrill to the dramatic histories and exciting explorations of the steamer Frank O'Connor and the scow Ocean Wave, and enjoy tales of lost shipwrecks awaiting discovery, featuring ground-breaking research, underwater video, and glimpses of the extensive maritime activity in this famous, as well as infamous, area. Based on the regionally-bestselling book of the same title by Cris and Joan.

Point Pelee Shipwrecks

Lake Erie's most treacherous hazard to navigation is Point Pelee, where hundreds of ships have been damaged and lost. In this exciting program, find out about the early, tragic wrecks of the paddlewheelers, Kent and Northern Indiana; the excellently preserved schooner named the Willis, sunk in an 1872 collision; the ship named the Little Wissahickon, wrecked in 1896 with three lives lost; daring rescues and heartbreaking failures, such as the steamers George Stone, the Clarion, and the N. J. Nessen; details of the Conemaugh, the closest shipwreck to the actual point of land; the controversial 1980s anchor theft from the 1905 wreck of the schooner-barge, Tasmania; and MORE!


The War of 1812 on the Great Lakes


The War of 1812, the last time that the USA and Canada battled one another, marked its bicentennial in 2012-2014. This program focuses on the exciting maritime history of that war on Great Lakes waters. Find out about the ships used on the inland seas during the War of 1812 -- and the ships that became shipwrecks in several different ways during, and immediately after, that conflict! Learn about the wrecks of the Hamilton and the Scourge lying in deep waters of Lake Ontario, the Nancy, which today is a shipwreck museum on Lake Huron's Georgian Bay, wrecks at Kingston, Sacket's Harbor, and elsewhere. Learn about battles along the Great Lakes, such as the massacre at Fort Dearborn (present-day Chicago). Plus much more!

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Shipwrecks off Whitefish Point

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