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Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg will gladly provide books with a personalized message to you or to the book's recipient, written by the author(s), and have each book you order signed by the author(s), thus creating a unique collector's item for you or a very personal gift for someone of your choice. There is no additional charge for this service. 

Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

ISBN 978-0-9882947-5-2

300+ b&w photos, 224 pages

This popular book, which sold out in 2021, has been reprinted in 2022.

Includes dramatic stories of the War of 1812 NANCY, the Tobermory wrecks of the SWEEPSTAKES and the ARABIA, the ASIA, Georgian Bay's worst shipwreck, updates on the search for the GRIFFON, and the exciting recent discoveries of the JANE MILLER, and two for which team member Cris Kohl gives his firsthand accounts of discovery: the long lost J. H. JONES and the spectacular MANASOO. Much more! Shipwreck Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.

$19.95 US/ $19.95 Can.
The Wreck of the GRIFFON

The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

ISBN 978-0-9882947-2-1

100 color and 110 b&w photos, 224 pages

In 1679, the first ship on the upper Great Lakes disappeared with its crew and valuable cargo of furs. 340+ years later, the wreck of the GRIFFON remains missing. It has become the most hunted -- and the most claimed "found" -- shipwreck in Great Lakes history. Read the fascinating GRIFFON story: its background, the many (20+) claims of discovery over the past 200 years (none yet proven) -- and where the wreck likely is. Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.                          

$19.95 US/ $21.95 Can.
The Great Lakes Diving Guide

by Cris Kohl

ISBN 978-0-9882947-9-8

1,200+ b&w photos, 608 pages

The "bible" or encyclopedia of known shipwreck sites in all five of the Great Lakes in both the USA and Canada! 1000+ shipwrecks: their histories, details of their losses, and location coordinates. Special features include the progressive history of the zebra mussel invasion of the lakes, the need for shipwreck conservation, and modern-day hunting for Great Lakes shipwrecks. Shipwreck Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.

$24.95 US/ $29.95 Can.
Great Lakes Shipwrecks,

Recent Discoveries and Updates

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

ISBN 978-0-9882947-3-8

​500+ b&w photos, 224 pages

In this COMPANION BOOK to The Great Lakes Diving Guide: 100+ recent shipwreck discoveries. Historic details of each in all five of the Great Lakes in both the USA and Canada, plus shipwreck site information, e.g. depth and location coordinates. Updates on 200+ earlier shipwrecks, and fascinating underwater photos by an exciting new generation of aquatic explorers! Shipwreck Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.

$12.95 US/ $15.95 Can.
Canada's 150 Most Famous Great Lakes Shipwrecks

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

ISBN 978-0-9882947-4-5

400+ b&w photos, 224 pages

The most famous shipwrecks in Canadian Great Lakes waters include tragedies, like the famous EDMUND FITZGERALD and some humor, like the booze ship that stranded on Lake Erie during Prohibition and the responses of the local residents. ALSO: The ship built to find the Franklin Expedition in the Arctic; War of 1812 shipwrecks; the most in-demand, submerged shipwreck in the world; and MUCH MORE! Shipwreck Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.

$19.95 US/ $19.95 Can.
Diver's Guide to the Kitchen

by Joan Forsberg

ISBN 0-9679976-3-1

115 b&w photos, 128 pages

A "cook-and-tell" book: 60 unique recipes with 60 fascinating stories behind them -- some touching, some hilarious! -- from 60 famous figures in the scuba diving and shipwreck world, e.g. Robert Ballard, the man who found the TITANIC, Bob Marx, the world's most famous shipwreck treasure hunter, Zale Parry from the 1950s Sea Hunt television show, Teddy Tucker of Bermuda shipwrecks fame, television shipwrek show host John Chatterton, and others, about one-third of them from the Great Lakes.  Nice balance -- only a few recipes are seafood! Biographies, Index.

$12.95 US/ $12.95 Can.
The  Christmas Tree Ship

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

ISBN 978-0-9882947-0-7

70 color and 80 b&w photos, 128 pages


The schooner, ROUSE SIMMONS, is the most famous Christmas story to emerge from the Great Lakes! This detailed book includes the complete history of Christmas trees, worldwide and specifically in the Great Lakes, plus new research about this ship's history and its final, tragic voyage in late 1912, its jovial captain, his amazing family, the discovery of this shipwreck in deep water in 1971, striking underwater photos, and MORE! Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.

$17.95 US/ $17.95 Can.
TITANIC: The Great Lakes Connection

by Cris Kohl

ISBN 0-9679976-0-7

100+ b&w photos, 319 pages

This book is a perennial favorite in the Great Lakes. It features previously untold stories of more than 100 survivors from the 345 people bound for the Great Lakes -- why they survived and others didn't. Also: the Great Lakes writer who predicted TITANIC's loss; the Great Lakes ship captain who died in TITANIC's sinking; the effects of the sinking on Great Lakes shipping, such as the 844 lives lost in the EASTLAND disaster! Much more! Drawings, Maps, Bibliography, Index.

$16.95 US/ $19.95 Can.

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