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have done more than 1,500+ presentations since early 1986:
ANNUAL SHOWS (those still in existence today are marked with **):
Save Ontario Shipwrecks Annual "Forum" (various times, 1989 - 2017, and locations, including Windsor, Port Dover, and Brockville) **
"Underwater Canada," Toronto, ON (1990 - 1997)
"Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival," Dearborn-Ann Arbor, MI (various 1990 - 2012) **
"Shipwrecks and Scuba," Sandusky, OH (various 1991 - 2018) **
"Divers' Showcase," Lansing, MI (1992 - 1994)
"Our World -- Underwater" Chicago, IL (1993 - 2019)
"Shipwrecks Remembered" Port Huron, MI (1995 - 2003)
"Shipwrecks!" Welland, ON (various 1995 - 2019) **
"Beneath The Sea" the New York City Show, Secaucus, NJ (1995 - 2010) **
Underwater "Plongée" Show, Montreal, QC (1995)
"Histories and Mysteries of the Inland Seas," Holland, MI (various 1998 - 2019)
"Underwater Clinic," Boston Sea Rovers, Boston, MA (1998 - 2009) **
"Seaspace," Houston, TX (1999)
"Ghost Ships Festival," Milwaukee, WI (various years, 2002 - 2009)
"The Gales of November" Show, Duluth, MN (various 2002 - 2008) **
"Upper Midwest Scuba and Adventure Travel Show," Minneapolis area, MN (various) **
Shipwrecks Show, Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago (2002 - 2005)
"History Day," Kagawong, Manitoulin Island, ON (2016, 2019) **
MUSEUMS, including:
Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Point, MI
Shipwreck NANCY Museum, Wasaga Beach, ON
Door County Maritime Museum, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Lambton County Museum, Grand Bend, ON
Huron County Museum, Goderich, ON
Whaleback METEOR Museum, Superior, WI
Fathom Five National Marine Park Museum, Tobermory, ON
Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, Southampton, ON
Moore Museum, Mooretown, ON
Meaford Hall Arts and Cultural Centre, Meaford, ON
Leamington Arts Centre, Leamington, ON
Mariner's Park Museum, South Bay, ON
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, ON
Brockville Museum, Brockville, ON
Various locations in Chicago, Springfield (IL), Skokie, Detroit, Kenosha, Brookfield (WI), Green Bay, Battle Creek, Port Huron, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia, and Hamilton,  and also for the South Florida Dive Club.
Various libraries in both the USA and Canada have hosted our shipwreck shows, including the Milwaukee Public Library,
several libraries in suburban Chicago, including West Chicago, Wheaton, Oswego, Aurora, Oakbrook, and Glen Ellyn,
several in Indiana, including Lake Station, Portage, LaPorte and Valparaiso,
and many in Ontario, including Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia, Bayfield, Kincardine, Port Elgin, Wiarton, Lion's Head, Owen Sound, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Penetanguishene, Parry Sound, Sudbury, Espanola, Belleville, Port Stanley, Kingsville, the Toronto Main Reference Library, and several others in suburban Toronto.
In Ontario: Point Pelee National Park, Rondeau Provincial Park, Pinery Provincial Park, Craigleith Provincial Park, and Killbear Provincial Park.
On board the Columbia Yacht Club Ship, ABEGWEIT, Chicago, IL.
On board the Lake Michigan ferry, SS BADGER, in mid-lake.
Various yacht clubs, including at Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit.
Many historical societies, civic organization meetings, senior citizen associations, church groups, boy scout gatherings, and schools.
Only a few of these 55 programs are still available today.
The available programs are marked with ** after the date.
1. "Dive Southwestern Ontario!" (1986)
2. "Dive Vagabonding the South Pacific" (1988)
3. "Shipwreck Tales: The St.  Clair River" (1988)
4. "The Zebra Mussel Invasion of the Great Lakes" (1989)
5. "A Typical Week at Isle Royale" (1990)
6. "DIVE ONTARIO!" (1991)
7. "Shipwrecks Off Rondeau" (1992)
8. "Tobermory's Forgotten Shipwrecks" (1992)
9. "Point Traverse Shipwrecks" (1995)
10. "The Ghost Fleet of the St. Clair River" (1995)
11. "Shipwrecks of the Upper St. Lawrence River" (1995)
12. "Manitoulin Shipwrecks" (1995)
13. "DIVE ONTARIO TWO!" (1996)
14. "Treacherous Waters: Kingston's Shipwrecks" (1996)
15. "Great Lakes Explorers: In Search of Shipwrecks" (1996)
16. "History of the DANIEL J. MORRELL" (1996)
17. "Disaster Under the Bridge: The Sinking of the SIDNEY E. SMITH, JR." (1997)
18. "Tales of Great Lakes Shipwreck Pairs" (1999)
19. "Shipwrecks: A Great Lakes Report Card" (1999)
20. "TITANIC, The Great Lakes Connections" (2001) **
21. "Great Lakes! Great Wrecks!" (2002)
22. "Harbor Inferno: The NORONIC Disaster" (2002)
23. "Wreck Diving the Hawaiian Islands" (2002)
24. "Robert Ballard on the Great Lakes" (2003)
25. "Tall Ships Chicago -- Then and Now" (2003), with Jim Jarecki
26. "Crossroads of Disaster: Straits of Mackinac Disasters" (2003)
27. "Great Lakes Milestones" (2003)
28. "Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes" (2004) **
29. "Shipwreck Alley: Thunder Bay Disasters" (2004)
30. "Great Lakes Shipwreck Hunters" (2006)
31. "The Ten Best Great Lakes Shipwrecks" (2006)
32. "Reef Critters Versus Shipwreck Diving" (2007) , with Lynn Funkhouser
33. "Classic Lake Ontario Shipwrecks" (2007)
34. "New Shipwreck Discoveries in the Great Lakes" (2007)
35. "Shipwrecks at Death's Door" (2007) **
36. "Shipwrecks Off Lake Shore Drive" (2008) **
37. "Deep Wrecks of the Great Lakes" (2008)
38. "The Shipwrecked Whalebacks" (2008)
39. "Searching for Shipwrecks: The Technology" (2009)
40. "Great Lakes Shipwrecks of the World Wars" (2009) **
41. "Shipwrecks Off Whitefish Point" (2010) **
42. "The Lady of the Lakes" -- a Tribute to Joyce Hayward (2010)
43. "Shipwreck Tales of Chicago" (2010) **
44. "Booze, Bullets, and the BUCCANEER" (2011)
45. "Exploring Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks" (2012) **
46. "The War of 1812 on the Great Lakes" (2012) **
47. "Historic Sandwich Towne, Ontario, on the Detroit River" (2012)
48. "The Great Storm of 1913" (2013) **
49. "Detroit River Shipwrecks" (2014)
50. "The Wreck of the GRIFFON" (2015) **
51. "Point Pelee Shipwrecks" (2016) **
52. "Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay" (2015, updated in 2016, 2018, and 2019) **
53. "All About 1867: Canada's Great Lakes Ships and Shipwrecks" (2017)
54. "DIVE ONTARIO! Here We Go Again!" (2019)
55. "Kingston and Thousand Islands Shipwrecks" (2021)  **
          Cris and Joan look forward to creating more shipwrecks-and-maritime-history programs and to returning to LIVE, IN-PERSON presentations when the coronavirus pandemic is deemed to be safely under control.
Meanwhile, STAY HEALTHY!
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