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Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg have produced several documentaries of varying lengths about Great Lakes Maritime History, which they narrate on these widescreen DVDs with dramatic background music.

Each DVD is priced at $14.95 US/$14.95 Can. 

DVD 101 -- Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes -- Murder, mystery, and mayhem. The most unusual shipwreck stories ever researched.
28 minutes.
DVD 102 -- Great Lakes Shipwrecks of the World Wars -- from wrecked iron ore carriers to a German U-boat on the bottom of Lake Michigan. 28 minutes.
DVD 103 -- Tales of Great Lakes Shipwreck Pairs -- Sometimes TWO shipwrecks make for ONE great story: Myron-Miztec, Manola-Mapledawn, MORE! 28 minutes.
DVD 104 -- The Shipwrecked Whalebacks -- The story of this unique Great Lakes type of ship -- and the ones lost those waters!
 28 minutes.
DVD 105 -- Shipwrecks at Death's Door -- The passage between Lake Michigan and Green Bay is named Death's Door -- with many shipwrecks! 45 minutes.
DVD 106 -- Deep Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes -- Many of the most pristine shipwrecks are in deep waters: the D.J. Morrell, C.B. Windiate, Rouse Simmons, more!
28 minutes.
DVD 107 -- Exploring Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks --  23 shipwrecks between the St. Lawrence River and Lake Superior.
45 minutes.
DVD 108 -- Thirteen Shipwrecks, The Great Lakes' Worst Maritime Disasters -- the 13 greatest loss-of-life disasters in our history.
51 minutes.
DVD 109 -- Shipwrecks off Whitefish Point -- Any ship entering or leaving Lake Superior had to pass Whitefish Point; many failed to do so.
47 minutes.
DVD 110 -- Shipwreck Tales of Chicago -- Dramatic stories, many tragic, of ships lost at the Great Lakes' busiest port! 58 minutes.
DVD 111 -- TITANIC, The Great Lakes Connections -- companion to our book of the same title. The many connections will surprise you! 46 minutes.
DVD 112 -- The War of 1812 on the Great Lakes -- From the British capture of Detroit and Mackinac Island to the British defeat in the Battle of Lake Erie. Much MORE! 57 minutes.
DVD 113 -- Point Pelee Shipwrecks -- The most dangerous point of land on Lake Erie claimed many shipwrecks!
59 minutes.
DVD 114 -- The Great Storm of 1913 -- The worst storm in Great Lakes history claimed 250 sailors and more than a dozen ships! 55 minutes.
DVD 115 -- The Wreck of the GRIFFON, The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes -- Where is LaSalle's 1679 ship, lost with all hands on its maiden voyage?!?
45 minutes.
DVD 116 -- Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay -- Updated version coming SOON! Will include the recent discoveries of the Jane Miller, the J.H. Jones, and the amazing Manasoo. 60 minutes.

Illinois residents please add sales tax of 8%.  For orders in Canada, please add 13% HST for DVDs.

Shipping costs (USA): For 1, 2, or 3  DVDs, please add $3.00 per order; 4 or more DVDs receive FREE SHIPPING!

Shipping costs (Canada): For 1, 2, or 3 DVDs, please add $6.00 per order; 4 or more DVDs receive FREE SHIPPING!

For WHOLESALE purchasers interested in selling our products, please call for wholesale discounts: in the USA 630-293-8996, in Canada 519-915-9016. 

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