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These postcards, each one measuring 4 inches by 6 inches, have vivid colors and glossy "A sides." 

These mostly multiview postcards are suitable for collecting or for mailing. The "B sides" of these postcards use different classic designs that were in popular usage during the first decade of the 1900s.

PC401 -- The Christmas Tree Ship, the Rouse Simmons.
PC402 -- The Storm of 1913 Mystery Ship on Lake Huron, the Charles S. Price.
PC403 -- A Storm of 1913  Lake Huron victim, the steamer, Wexford.
PC404 -- A Storm of 1913  Lake Michigan victim, the steamer, Louisiana.
PC405 -- The most "in-demand" submerged shipwreck in the world -- Tobermory's Sweepstakes.
PC406 -- The Tobermory wreck of the City of grand Rapids, popular with glassbottom boats.
PC407 -- The deep wreck of Tobdermory's Arabia, lost in 1884 and popular with divers.
PC408 -- The shipwreck closest to the tip of Lake Erie's Point Pelee, the Conemaugh.
PC409 -- Two disastrous Georgian Bay shipwrecks, the Asia and the Waubuno.
PC410 -- The wreck of the steamer, Atlantic, lost in 1903 near Parry Sound, Georgian Bay.
PC411 -- Lake Superior shipwrecks: Edmund Fitzgerald, Gunilda, Monarch, and Mataafa
PC412 -- The Lake Superior wreck of the Madeira lies near the famous Split Rock Lighthouse.
PC413 -- Several whaleback ships, built in the late 1800s, were wrecked in the Great Lakes.
PC414 -- Lake Superior "Ghost Ships" were dramatic losses: Cerisoles, Bannockburn, and Western Reserve.
PC415 -- Three shipwrecks lie in the waters just off Pilot Island in Death's Door Passage, Lake Michigan.
PC416 -- The steamer, Frank O'Connor, burned off the Cana Island lighthouse.
PC417 -- Three shipwrecks lie off Bullhead Point in Door County, Wisconsin.
PC418 -- The Ocean Wave, lying off the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal on Lake Michigan, is a recent discovery.
PC419 -- The explorer, La Salle, built the first ship, the Griffon, on the upper Great Lakes -- and their first shipwreck.
PC420 -- Old wreckage on western Manitoulin Island may have been that of the Griffon.
PC421 -- Three museums on Manitoulin Island display pieces of wreckage that may be from the fabled Griffon.
PC422 -- For many years, an old shipwreck near Tober-mory was also thought to be the Griffon -- but it was not.
PC423 -- The 1872 wreck of the Mary Ward lies in shallow water near Collingwood's Nottawasaga Lighthouse.
PC424 -- Georgian Bay "Ghost Ships": the Asia, J.H. Jones, Jane Miller, and Manasoo.
PC425 -- The Christmas Tree Ship, the Rouse Simmons, and its modern counterpart, the Mackinaw,  at Chicago.
PC426 -- The Christmas Tree Ship's captain, Herman Schuenemann, and Chicago commemorations.
PC427 -- The steamer, Erie Belle, exploded near Kincardine, Ontario, on Lake Huron, in 1883.
PC428 -- The steamer, Clarion, met a fiery end in a December blizzard in 1910 off Lake Erie's Point Pelee.
PC429 -- The passenger steamer, Northern Indiana, burned with heavy loss of life at Lake Erie's Point Pelee in 1856.
PC430 -- The American luxury steamer, Atlantic, sank in a collision on the Canadian side of Lake Erie in 1856
PC431 -- The schooner, George A. Marsh, sank in a storm in Lake Ontario in 1917; the captain, who secretly survived, fled to Oklahoma.
PC432 -- The Christmas Tree Ship, the Rouse Simmons, left several ongoing legacies in the Great Lakes.
PC433 -- The coastal steamer, Jane Miller, lost in 1881 with all hands on Georgian Bay, was located in 2017.
PC434 -- Four whaleback steamers lost in the Great Lakes: the Thomas Wilson, James B. Colgate, Clifton, and Henry Cort.
PC435 -- The Edmund Fitzgerald, the most famous Great Lakes shipwreck, was lost in Lake Superior in 1975.
PC436 -- The schooner, Charles P. Minch, is one of the many shipwrecks near Tobermory, Ontario.
PC437 -- A ship purposely sunk in 1999 near Tobermory is the steel freighter, Niagara II, popular with divers.
PC438 -- Lake Erie "Ghost Ships:" Marquette & Bessemer No. 2; the first Great Lakes submarine; the steamer Kent; and boats of the 1763 Wilkins Expedition.
PC439 -- The unique wreck of the steamer Manasoo, lost in Georgian Bay in 1928, was found in 2018.
PC440 -- The long-sought 1906 wreck of the coastal steamer, J.H. Jones, in Georgian Bay, was located in 2018.

Postcard prices -- (USA): Any ten postcards for $8.00, plus $2.00 shipping.  (Canada): Any ten postcards for $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

For WHOLESALE purchasers who are interested in selling our products, please call for wholesale discounts: in the USA 630-293-8996, in Canada 519-915-9016.

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