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The Great Lakes Diving Guide  (2nd edition)

Joan Forsberg glides past the Myron's bow chains in Lake Superior. (Cris Kohl Photo)

The "bible" of Great Lakes shipwreck locations, histories, and scuba diving just became a lot bigger and better with this new second edition! And at an incredibly low retail price!
1,000+ shipwrecks are described (150+ added since the first edition came out in 2001) 
Each shipwreck's basic history 
Location coordinates. Dive site conditions 
Covers both the US and the Canadian sides of the Great Lakes. 
NEW!: 30 significant shipwreck events of the Great Lakes, each as a one- or two-page sidebar. 
NEW! A chapter on successfully setting up and running a scuba dive club. 
6" x 9" softcover, 
608 pages (up from 416 pages in the first edition), 
1,200+ black-and-white photos (up from 700 photos), 
more shipwreck artwork (175 total), 
plus maps, bibliography, and index. 
ISBN 978-0-9679976-9-8.
$24.95 US
$29.95 CAN

Comments from Reviewers and Others:

"An impressive work."
-- The Chicago Tribune

"...This is a revised and updated edition of the classic book first published in 2001.... Cris Kohl has always been known for his award winning photography and this book will not let you down!... The Great Lakes Diving Guide, 2nd edition, is the definitive choice for divers, boat captains, history buffs, and onyone that wants to know more about America's Great Lakes maritime heritage and rich history...."
-- Wreck Diving Magazine

"...What keeps this scholarly presentation from being pedantic is the warmth from a love of diving and documenting Great Lakes sites that is shared by Kohl and his wife, fellow author Joan Forsberg...."
-- MidWest Dive News

"The Great Lakes have some fantastic diving, and Cris Kohl would know. He's been diving here for most of his life. His passion for shipwrecks and the stories behind them have inspired him to write The Great Lakes Diving Guide.... I don't think anybody who would be coming to dive the Great Lakes could go wrong having this [book] as part of their dive kit."
-- Richie Kohler, co-subject of the bestselling book, Shadow Divers, co-host of the "Deep Sea Detectives" television series, and co-producer of Dive Portal DVD Magazine; taken from his interview with Cris Kohl on Dive Portal DVD Magazine, Issue 2

"...The Great Lakes Diving Guide... is excellent! And I am sure that I will be referring to it many times in the future. It is indeed a 'clearinghouse' for Great Lakes wrecks and other info. I like the way it's set up as an easy reference guide...."
-- Ellsworth Boyd, "Wreck Facts" columnist, formerly with Skin Diver Magazine,now with Sport Diver Magazine.

"...terrific book -- wow! you sure did your homework!"
-- Chuck and Jeri Feltner, Great Lakes Historians

"...Advice and observations from Kohl are sprinkled throughout the narration, taking this book beyond mere facts and figures by adding a welcome personal touch...."
-- Roger LeLievre, Great Laker Magazine

"I'm impressed with the quality of your work."
--Ken Merryman, Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society

"I have to say congratulations. I am impressed with the book. It is absolutely awesome!"
-- Peter Schneider, scuba diver, Switzerland

"Though it may not be well-known, America's Great Lakes boast a maritime heritage as strong as that of either coast. Even fewer people may know that these mighty inland seas also are home to the world's best-preserved shipwrecks.
"The often epic tales of the lakes' 5,000-plus shipwrecks --- from 19th-century schooners to 20th-century freighters like the Edmund Fitzgerald --- remain a vivid part of the fabric of local life. They are also treasured by a  thriving, enthusiastic Midwestern dive community.
"Although recreational divers cannot dive on the Fitz, the Great Lakes are littered with diveable wrecks and other interesting sites. Author, diver, and past Sport Diver contributor Cris Kohl highlights [hundreds] of these in The Great lakes Diving Guide, the first extensive guidebook ever created for the unique region..."
-- Sport Diver Magazine

"Wow! Your book looks fabulous!... [It] looks like an unimaginable amount of effort went into it."
-- Susan Long-Holland, Vice President, DUI (Diving Unlimited International, San Diego, CA)

"...generously illustrated... Kohl believes the Great Lakes offer some of the most challenging and interesting diving in the world and sets out to prove it once again with this detailed and interesting guide. If you are a certified scuba diver who would like to discover new adventures in Great Lakes maritime history...this book will open up a new underwater frontier."
-- Inland Seas (the journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society, reviewed by Nancy Schneider)

"Keep writing those great books!"
-- Bernie Chowdhury, author of The Last Dive, co-publisher of IMMERSED Magazine

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